Annie M Miller


The Annie M Miller is a popular shipwreck dive in Sydney. A steel screw steamer built by Clyde Engineering at Glasgow, United Kingdom in 1928, the vessel had a length of 49 metres and tonnage of 706 tons gross. Powered by a triple expansion engine, it operated as a collier when lost on 8 February 1929. Under command of Captain Billings, and owned at the time by Robert Miller, the vessel capsized in a gale two miles south east of South Head, Sydney. Six crew drowned in the tragedy after the vessel departed the Bulli Jetty for Sydney, although an immediate sea rescue involving the Captain Cook and Corrimal steamers, was successful in recovering a number of the crew. The remains lie in a depth of 43 metres on sand abreast of Rosa Gulley. The remains have substantially collapsed.

From: Maritime Heritage Online Site

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