There are 465 species of shark,
40 species of sharks lay eggs outside their body

10 species get larger than 4m in length

The largest fish in the sea is a shark, up to 20m long (Whale Shark)

Sharks grow as many as 30,000 teeth in a lifetime (always replenished)

More people are killed per year by falling coconuts than shark attacks, 2 per year by coconuts. 1 per year by sharks

Total shark attacks between the year 1580 and 2005 is 2035 and only 468 deaths (Less than 1 per year)

Average life of a shark is 25 years, oldest being 100

The fastest fish in the ocean is a shark (Shortfin Mako) up to 100kph

The deepest diver of all fish is a shark (Portuguese shark 2750m)

Sharks never sleep.
Sharks do not have any bones, their skeletons are made up of cartilage
The most shark attacks in the world happen at Smyrna Beach, Florida

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