Sydney put on a spectacular weekend and the diving was just as good.

We headed north of Botany Bay and anchored on the Annie M Miller. A seal popped its head up a few times and played with our mermaid line. As we were descending it swam around us a few times and then off into the blue, and blue was the colour of the water with about 20-25m visibility, this was going to be a great dive. On the bottom the wreck was barely visible through the fish, I have never seen this many fish around. Our anchor landed around 8m from the stern, a quick lift and hook secured it and around the wreck we swam, 10 Wobbegong sharks most juvenile was the highlight.

We headed down to Magic Point for a spin with the Grey Nurse sharks, and this also didn't disappoint us. There were 14 sharks swimming around and another 4 in the second cave. Between the 2 cave we also saw a school of squid.

Annie M Miller

Magic Point