Shellharbour was our destination for Rudy's 500th dive (dive 2 on the day), Jenny, Rudy's girlfriend, came along for a few dives as well

Although the seas looked flat they were a little rough, we headed over to Lou's rock and it seemed the south side was better than the north. We moored up and descended to a lot of fish, mostly Nannygai and Bullseyes. We did mange to find a juvenile Wobbegong shark, long snouted Boarfish, Moorish Idol and a Moray.

2nd dive for the day, Jenny was feeding the fish (if you get what I mean) and opted to stay on the boat. This was Rudy's 500th, I have 17 more to get to mine.

The Gutter was the choice. We anchored a long way out from the shore and after the historical photo we headed south towards shore and came across a number of divers. We found a Tassel Snouted Flathead, Cuttle fish, a few Nudies and a Moray. I did play around with the macro lens again on a Scorpion Cod.

Lou's Rock South

The Gutter