With what looked like reasonable seas and fine weather we headed to the Undola wreck. A little choppy but the trip down was quite fast in the new boat. We anchored and it seemed that we hooked into the wreck as the current was quite strong and we were not moving.

On our descent we noticed a layer of almost zero visibility at 20m, but it did open up to about 8m on the bottom where the anchor was imbedded into the sand about 5m from the wreck and the extra weight we add to the anchor had actually sunk the anchor into the sand and it was holding firm. We carried the anchor over to the wreck and hooked it in.

It seems to be getting very hard to capture images of the wreck these days as the amount of fish is getting more, if that is possible. There is literally millions of Nannygai all over this wreck. Temperature was a very cold 15 on the bottom

Second dive we headed over to 6 fathom reef, the seas had picked up a bit which made for an uncomfortable entry back onto the boat. We also noticed here that the top 2m of water was around 22 and below this around 17. Vis down to about 5m made a good macro dive.


6 Fathom Reef