With near perfect conditions we planned 3 dives, Middle Ground, Barren's Hut and Shiprock. High Tide was around 11:15 so we needed to be anchored over Shiprock at 11:00.

On descent to middle ground we went through a layer of particles in the water where the vis was around 1m but it opened up to around 10m on the bottom. We circumnavigated the reef  and headed to the surface.

After a cuppa we headed to Barren's. Vis wasn't as good and we were just using the left over Nitrox from Middle Ground so we knew it was going to be short. I even hooked my pony to the anchor line just in case. Rudy used 20 bar from it on the safety stop.

We made Shiprock with plenty of time. We descended right on high tide and got a really nice dive in.

Middle Ground

Barren's Hut