The weather has been sad all week, and today didn't look any better. We decided to head south to Port Kembla. A quick call to the Port Authority revealed a diving opportunity on the Bombo, so we headed out. The anchor line was visible a long way down so we thought we were in for a treat. If the sun had been out it would have been perfect.

On the bottom we had 20m visibility all be it a little dark. We did encounter a juvenile fiddler ray near the prop and a cuttle fish near the bow. A great dive.

Second dive we headed to Pig Island, deciding it was to rough on the south side we headed to the north side. Visibility here was easy 30m, it was like diving in the tropics. An out of season PJ was found along with some cuttles and a hermit crab. A great way to end another year of diving. Only 83 this year.


Pig Island North