A early start again so we could visit the Tuggerah, its a great depth to test out the deco procedures training we are currently doing. we are working on a 23 minute bottom on 27%  nitrox (this dive I used 30%, 1.7 ppo2 at 47m) time with about 25 minute deco using 50% nitrox. Rudy is having some problems with the stage tanks getting mixed results on the mix. Been about 44%.

The vis on the way down the anchor got very gloomy around 25m with a lot of particles in the water, and it was very dark below it although the vis was about 15m. Got soe great photos of Rudy and the prop. The amount of fish on this wreck is huge, and very hard to get a photo of the wreck.

2nd dive using 36% nitrox at Pizza reef, with the highlight of a Blue Devil fish in the open, usually shy an hiding in crevices.

Tuggerah Wreck

Pizza Reef