With my twin setup ready and my first ever twin tank dive, this glorious Sydney winters day was great. Sunny, cool and a little swell we headed to the Undola Wreck.

It took us about an hour to hook up on the wreck, the current and wind didn't allow a good angle to catch the anchor. But we eventually did. We knew it was going to be a 1 dive day so we had to make this a good dive.

Eventually we spent 30 mins on the bottom and I spend 45 min Deco. A long time but well worth it.

I was definitely over weighted with 18lb (Note 12lb next week) and a little lob sided with the stage tank on the left. (Note add 1lb to right side).

We did notice some very unusual jelly like snake objects in the water, the photos below are of one about 1m long.