The weather predication was for flat seas and no wind. We decided to do an extended dive on the Tuggerah, with 44% nitrox for deco the plan was for 25 mins bottom time and 29 deco a total of 54 mins. We ended up with 25 mins and 32 deco.

While anchoring we noticed a pod of about 20 dolphins feeding on baitfish and wondered if they would hang around for a deco, they didn't however as we descended down the anchor we found a juvenile Sunfish, about 1.2m high. It came up very close to us, about a metre away, and we got some great photos.

The wreck was covered in fish with a large Wobbegong shark sleeping under some wreckage. All to quick it was time to go. What a great dive.

No 2nd dive today, Rudy forgot the Kwell and fed some fish at Jibbon Beach so we called it a day.