Quite an eventful day today. After spotting a whale off Port Hacking.

Firstly Dwayne (a neighbour) and myself headed out to Barren's Hut. We anchored (Well we thought we anchored) over the split. We did notice a roaring current. We descended and found the anchor drifting in the sand so we headed back up and moved the boat closer. Take 2. I rolled into the water and got to the anchor rope and noticed I left my weights behind. Take 3 we got to the bottom and made sure the anchor was in the split and we headed to the cave and chimney. The vis was around 5m and not very good. The cave was full of Trevalla but the chimney was choked up with weed. Not the greatest of dives for Dwayne's first dive at Barren's.

Second dive was on Osborne Shoals. A little protected from the current and wind. We anchored and descended. The vis was around 10m and quite calm. I made sure the anchor was hooked in firm and we headed east along he wall. A cuttlefish was playful and a little further on we found a fiddler ray. Returning to the anchor we found it quite easily, but it was just the anchor, the chain and rope had gone. I sent the anchor to the surface with the lift bag and ascended.

We surfaced, I cut short my safety stop, and noticed the boat about 1km to the east. I removed my scuba unit and tied it to the lift bag and started the long swim.

The current was running west and the wind was blowing east. After about 30 mins I was about half way. Dwayne flagged down a fishing boat and directed him my way. Got the boat, picked up Dwayne and headed to the boat ramp.

As I said eventful..........

Barren's Hut

Osborne Shoals