Jervis Bay was our choice today. Seas flat but a little windy. The plan was to dive the TSS Wandra, then the Whorehouse and finally the Fairey Firefly.

The trip out from Calalla Bay Boat ramp took us directly over the Firefly, so we stopped to see if our GPS marks were correct. Nothing to see on the bottom finder. Anyway we headed out the heads and 6km north to the wreck of TSS Wandra.

More like wreckage than a wreck, but the boiler and engines are visible as well as the 2 prop shafts and what is left of the props. A rally nice dive site, with visibility around 25m.

We tried to find the Whorehouse but couldn't the visibility was down around 5m, lots of PJ's around.

The Firefly is still much the same as it was 4 years ago. We last dived this 7th August 2005. There is a lot of green weed on the bottom and around the wreck. The starboard wing is either buried or missing. The port wing begins under the sand and sits up above the sand around 300mm on the end. A few baby PJ's were hanging around and an Octopus in the cockpit. We sent up a safety sausage anchored tot he wreck and took some exact readings. Latitude 35 00 54.30 Longitude 150 44 18.78

TSS Wandra


Fairey Firefly