Today the weather was ok, so we headed for the Tuggerah wreck aiming for a 20 min bottom time. We did it. My twin setup has not been completed as yet, the tanks needed cleaning and were still over at Prodiving Botany. This has got to be one of the best Wreck dives in Sydney.

2nd dive over to Barren's Hut. A very eventful dive. I thought I had lost a weight pocket on the backward roll so we headed over the sand to where we thought the boat was. No weight pocket. (I left in on the boat. Note. Buddy checks do help). I knew the safety stop was going to be hard with 8lb less weight so I hooked up the anchor to myself, inflated my BCD and managed to complete my stop. Unfortunately Rudy when changing from Twins to Single didn't put enough weight in and missed his safety stop.


Barren's Hut