What a glorious day on the ocean, no wind, no waves, no swell.

We have been waiting for a day like to day to put another mooring on the Undola, we have accumulated about 50m of chain and have a few 20l plastic drums. Today was the day.

We hooked up on he wreck on our second try and let the chain down the anchor rope. There was a little current so the drums were floating quite close to the boat and on the south side of the wreck. We descended to the wreck and "D" shackled the chain to the engine. We did notice the drums did not have enough lift to hold the chain up (we did a second dive here to put a third drum on)

During our surface interval, between Undola dives, I noticed a Seal fin about 200m east of the boat, we headed over and stopped about 30m from it. It circled the boat a few times so we decided to jump in with it. Rudy threw the mermaid line in and jumped in.

It was fantastic. The seal hung around for about 15 mins, and came up very close to us. Got some great photos and a 30 second video.

Third dive we went over to the Gullies, or underwater wilderness. This spot can only be dived on calm seas as it is very close to shore.

Undola and Seal