Summer time in Sydney is great for diving, you can start a dive a 6:30pm and still get out in the sun.

We haven't dived Gordo's for some time, about 12 months, so we had to do it. Rudy was tied up at work until 5-5:30 so we didn't get in until 6:30.

There was a video shoot by a Korean company in the car park, all I can say is that they were absolute pigs ordering people around and making people move their cars. I didn't and copped a key scratch on the drivers & rear doors, and along the front bumper. Not nice people.

Anyway the nature trail is in bad condition, broken in many places so we spent a lot of time around the wall. Just a nice dive. Towards the end we came across some very small fish on some Kelp, they were disturbed by the current and landed on my glove.