Weather fine, seas flat what a day for my 400th dive.

Plan was Tuggerah 1st Dive (399) then Undola 2nd Dive (400)

We anchor on the Tuggerah around 8:20am and saw the anchor rope going a long way down. Vis was great. We set up the deco and dropped over the side. On the way down we saw the mooring buoy about 5m from the surface and its rope going a long way down. Vis was great around 20m. At 30m I looked up and could still make out the boat. The anchor was hooked into some old nets on the eastern side, a quick check and off to the bioler. A big wobby was sleeping on the boiler. A great 399th dive.

After our 16min deco we headed over to Undola. Dropped anchor and all was looking good for my 400th. Heading down the anchor we saw the wreck our anchor was 10m to the north in the sand. We dragged it over and hooked it into a piece of the wreck. Something about this wreck, its very alluring. I headed over the toilet to the decking ribs and found a very colourful nudi, one I hadn't seen before. (ID = Verco's Tambja) There are a lot of morays around this wreck more here then I have ever seen anywhere else. What a great way to spend my 400th dive.


Undola (400)