Weather was fine so we planned to hit the Annie M Miller. We anchored over the wreck quite quickly, set up the deco and descended down onto the wreck. Vis was great around 20m. Plenty of life and a real nice dive.

Once we surfaced after 21 mins on the bottom and 23 mins of deco, we noticed a pod of 5 Humpback whales frolicking about 2km off shore. A great site. We would have ventured closer but the anchor caught up on the wreck so I had to bounce dive to free it.

We headed to Long bay to pick up Jenny, (Rudy's partner) and a cuppa, and then headed to Magic point.

We found 3 other dive boats, 1 private, Sea Tamer and Scuberoo. We anchored and descended to find 15 divers stirring up the bottom. They were crowded around the cave preventing the sharks from getting out. Not a good site.

The vis was around 2m with all the sand kicked up. After about 20mins about 10 divers surfaced and the vis did clear up a bit, enough to get some photos.

This site should be regulated, otherwise the sharks will disappear like they di some years ago.

Annie M Miller

Magic Point