An early start of 7:00am at Wally's Wharf and great conditions, we dialled up Undola on the GPS and headed south. We hooked up first go and descended through some particles in the water to 30m when the vis opened up, we could see the mass of Nannygai covering the wreck. The anchor hooked onto the bow and a big wobbegong shark was laying there. We made our way down the port side, (there are a lot of moray eels on this wreck), then back along the starboard side where I found a safety sausage and reel. The viz must have been 25m it was awesome.

As we climbed back in the boat we saw Le Scat trying to hook up, so we headed over to tell them about the vis.

2nd Dive at Barren's hut. A nice dive, but the vis was nowhere near as good as Undola.


Barren's Hut