With the high swell at 10 seconds apart, we thought we would have a look at Port Kembla. A nice sunny morning with a little breeze, and only one ship leaving the harbour at 9:00am, the first dive was Pig Island, then the wreck of the Bombo.

Vis was down from the usual 20m to around 10. Fish life was lower than normal as well, but we managed to find a nice Wobby and a PJ along with the usual Cuttle fish.

On the 2nd dive we located the wreck and dropped anchor 20m to the east, we thought we would just reel out to the wreck from the anchor. When we hit the bottom the vis deteriorated to about 2m so we picked up the anchor and moved it what we thought was the 20m, but no wreck.

We hooked up the reel and headed west then south, then to the east and finally north and we found the rear anchor along with a flooded dive torch and a stem from a snorkel (Finding these objects we knew we were close) heading east from the rear anchor we saw the engine and then located the chain from the front anchor right beside the prop. A large wobby nestled next to the reel line.

We explored the wreck (going into deco for 12mins) a really nice dive in not so good vis.

Pig Island