Its been a long time for me since my last dive, I've been away, Rudy's been away, and today the weather was great. But we had electrical problems in the boat. No GPS, no Radio, no depth finder. I spent about 30 mins doing some jerry wiring and got GPS and Radio so we headed for the Tuggerah.

A few fisherman were around, and the conditions looked great. We hooked up on the mooring set up the deco, donned the gear and backward roll over and down to some great vis on the wreck.

We headed over to the Undola to check the mooring, and it has vanished. Rudy was looking a little green, run out of Kwell so we headed to Jibbon for a cuppa.

On the way back we saw a whale, at first glance I thought it was a southern right whale, but then I noticed the small dorsal fin, its a Humpback. Very early for them.

Rudy was still a little green so we called it a day, and headed home.