The weather prediction for today was up and down all week, so after checking the Port Kembla Harbour movements with no ships until 3:00pm a double dive on the Bombo was on the cards.

We headed out to the Bombo on flat seas with no wind. We dropped anchor with no current and a very slight swell. Conditions were perfect. Descending down the anchor the vis was very poor, about 2 to 3 metres then at 20 metres it opened up to about 15 metres all be it a little dark.

There seems to be more fish here now than our last visit in February. On the second dive, another dive boat came over to mark their GPS, we convinced them to dive. They tried to hook their anchor in, but eventually tied up to us.

After our double dive we headed over to Toothbrush cave for a third. The swell was a little washy and vis was a little milky but its a nice cave. Not a lot of life around today.


Toothbrush Cave