Thought I would get a mid week dive in, and Robert from work needed to get some practice in so we headed for Bare Island. The weather was looking a bit rough with a southerly blowing creating a lot of white horses on the Bay. Looking to the south east it looked like it would get clearer so we hit the water.

I haven't seen the water this clear around Bare island for some time, then again I haven't dived Bare island since October 2006. The vis was superb. There were lots of Octopus out, some Morays and a lone Sea Horse on Sea Horse rock, and a few Hermit Crabs roaming around on a small rocky outcrop 20m south of Sea Horse rock.

A rare sighting of a Dwarf Lionfish (looks like one) was also a highlight. And there is always an ugly Southern Red Scorpioncod lying around.

All in all a great "Twilight dive"