The weather reports were favourable all week, so we thought we would take the opportunity to install a basic mooring on the Undola. 2 x 15 litre plastic containers, 80 metres of old rope and some old chain recovered from an anchor on a previous dive. We filled one of the containers with water and towed it down the anchor rope. The other container was tied to the other end of the rope in the boat.

With 0.3m swell and almost no wind and no current we dropped anchor set up the deco and dropped the chain and rope. We headed down the anchor rope to find the anchor 5m from the wreck and the chain for the mooring next to the toilet.

We hooked the anchor into the wreck, picked up the chain and secured it around a pipe. We headed around the wreck for a dive, 15mins later we lifted the anchor off the wreck and headed up the new mooring rope. At 13 metres I spliced a loop into the rope through the handle of one of the containers and used the occy to put some air in it. Instant mooring.

We decided to to a second dive while hanging off the new mooring, we used 27% nitrox for the first and 29% nitrox for the 2nd. with a 1hr 20m surface interval. During the surface interval another boat turned up, Geoff Cook. They tied up to our boat and went down the mooring.

The 2nd dive we tried to tie up about 5m of rope under the container to keep it underwater, just in case some fisherman cut the top container off.

This was a good exercise in logistics to work out how to do this, and for a first try we did pretty good.

What a great dive site this is, plenty of fish life and lots to look at.