Another great day, weather wise, so we headed to Port Kembla again. A call to the harbour master told us that there was no shipping until 2:00pm, so we hit the Bombo Wreck.

The wind was blowing and it took a while to locate the wreck on the bottom finder, and we dropped anchor. The anchor landed about 10m to the south of the wreck, so we had to drag it over to lock it in. This is a very underestimated wreck dive. It has everything going for it. A great photogenic prop, easy and safe penetration and lots of fish life.

We headed back to the boat ramp out of the wind for a cuppa. The wind was getting stronger so we needed a sheltered spot for dive 2. Behind Toothbrush Island was our best bet.

Toothbrush Cave, its a small cave with very little life in it really, lots a scorpion cod, but has some really nice rock formations around it with overhangs and holes through the rocks. On one of the swim throughs I found a large cuttle fish that swam away pretty quick.

We did find a lone PJ and a Weedy Sea dragon.


Toothbrush Cave & Island