With the weather a little better south we headed to Port Kembla. It was overcast and a slight breeze, but quite warm. We headed to the Bombo wreck to have a look at the conditions, and knowing there was a ship movement at 10:00am we decided to head over to Pig Island.

Our normal dive site here is on the southern side, but the southerly swell prevented a safe anchoring, so we headed to the north side.

While motoring over I saw a splash in the water close to the island. I thought to myself "there is no rocks there" then a baby Humpback lurched out of the water with mum very close by. I headed over towards them and stopped about 100m to the south. They were headed directly at us. Both of them surfaced 10m from the boat, it was awesome. I tell you what, mum is huge. I did get a couple of shots.

Pig north is not as nice as south, but we did mange to find a PJ and some cuttle fish.

After a cuppa we dived Toothbrush Cave. There is not a lot of fish life here, other the the resident scorpion cod. They are everywhere, it pays to wear gloves as you steady yourself against the rocks, they move. There was the giant bull ray asleep in the cave, looks like the same one we saw here a few months back.

Still sorting out my camera settings so the images are not very clear.

Pig Island