Today we thought we would hit a site we haven't been before, Middle Ground. We knew it was deep as all sites out of Port Hacking are, so we had a early start. 7:00am at the boat ramp. This gave us a 7:55am start for dive 1. 36% Nitrox at 32m we had 1.5 ppo2.

A really nice dive site this, Very unusual is a weedy sea dragon at 32m but we found one and got a great shot of it. Lots of cuttle fish and a few nudies.

A 2:18m surface interval still put us into a decompression dive for Maccas Reef. My strobe stopped working after the second photo, I thought (after the other week flooding the battery compartment) it was the end of it. It turned out to be a flat battery. Maybe one faulty one out of my new batch of batteries. Any way got a couple of good shots of a Long Snouted Boarfish. Not a lot to do hanging under the boat.

Middle Ground

Maccas Reef