Today's weather was looking good so we thought we would head out to Pizza Reef, we wanted to hit the Tuggerah again but with no mooring and a broken Depth Sounder we thought we would go somewhere easy.

Our first dive here, its a small reef we circled it 3 times and took a lot of photos.

Our surface interval was at Jibbon beach again, and while changing the battery in my camera I noticed the 'O' ring on my strobe was protruding out of the cap. Unscrewing it I noticed it was flooded. I emptied it and cleaned it up, replaced the 'O' ring, borrowed some batteries from Rudy and it still worked. It is pretty obvious that Inon know how to make strobes. The battery compartment is sealed from the strobe with gold plated contacts. Salt water can't damage anything (apart from the battery cap, its a little discoloured, but it sill works.)

2nd dive we hit Barren's hut, the vis dropped down to about 8m but this is always a good dive.

Pizza Reef

Barren's Hut