We tried to anchor on the Tuggerah today, getting an early start 7:00am, but the wind was blowing us around to much and the anchor just didn't hit the mark, so we went to 6 Fathom Reef. The seas also got up a bit to about 1.8m about and 1.5 at 6 Fathom.

We dived a bit more of the eastern side of the reef and was again confronted with some very inquisitive cuttle fish.

The first dive my strobe wouldn't work, very strange, as my normal routine on Saturday afternoon is to remove the batteries and replace them with a freshly charged set, however I did dive Thursday night....mmm Note, must remember to put batteries in the strobe, they work better that way.

Anyway a fresh set of batteries were installed during the surface interval, yep it does work.

Highlight was the Spotted Wobbegong shark, which got spooked and took off very sudden when Rudy's strobe fired.