Seas were down, weather fine, no wind, at least this is what is started out like.

We arrived at Dolans bay around 6:50am, the plan was to be over the Undola at 8:00am for the High Tide. All was going to plan we dropped anchor and was 20m down current from the wreck, set the deco station, geared up and headed for the bottom.

Again like last week it was getting darker and darker on the way down, and at 35m it was black.

As we hit the bottom I found the anchor in sand, I knew we were close to the wreck but could not see 30cm.

We headed back to the surface. I did manage to get one photo of Rudy on the deco station.

We headed back to Port Hacking and the wind blew up, it was howling. Half way back the boat stopped, seemed to be running out of fuel. After a lot of mucking around, I managed to get it started again, but it stopped at the entrance of Port Hacking. The fuel squeeze bowl was sucked in flat. (Fuel Blockage) will fix this before next week.