3 Weeks in Alaska and Canada left me a little dry, So Rudy and I wanted to check out the mooring we left on the Undola. Some rumours suggested it was removed and some that is was still there. We found  that the floating surface drum was missing but the 10m drum was still there. After our dive we replaced the top drum. Le Scat turned up just as we were lifting our anchor, they tied up on our mooring.

We were blessed with weather, whales and a seal today. We saw a single whale on the way down to the Undola and while sorting out the anchor a seal just happened to surface near the boat. It was very playful, at one stage on my deco it came right up to my face. I also got a shot of the manufacturer of the toilet bowl, "Shanks & Co. LTD Barrhead" and a ceramic boot with, what looks like a clown sitting on it, maybe this is what Michael McFadyen describes on his web site.

Our second dive we checked out the Tuggerah, viz was down on the normal but its a great dive as always.

On our return to Port Hacking we noticed a pod of 4 Humpback whales, many attempts to capture their tail slapping was unsuccessful however I did get one shot of a tail in the air.