Seas were down a bit so we decided to dive the Kelloe. Been a while. The intention was to check out the engine. Using 28% Nitrox we planned a 18m dive with 20m deco.

From the surface we could see the deco bar, so vis was greater than 5m, but on the descent the vis was getting worse. At 20m it was about 1m. At the 35m mark the vis picked up to 15m and we could make out the shadows of the wreck. The anchor was sitting about 5m from the boiler. Perfect positioning. I hooked up the lift bag and positioned the anchor behind a piece of wreckage and we looked for the engine.

The engine is about 5m west of the boiler, its in pretty bad condition, if you don't look carefully you may mistaken it for a piece of wreckage.

2nd Dive was back to Henry head to see if the juvenile PJ's were still around, they weren't, and the vis was down to about 5m. This site is worth a 36% Nitrox with good vis to discover what is here. There seems to be two reefs, one running southeast and the other running south. We believe the one running southeast will continue on to Minmi trench. The one running south ends in about 25m and the section of rocky sand between the 2 reefs is where I saw the juvenile PJ's.


Henry Head