Weather fine, seas flat and no wind we headed for the wreck of Annie M Miller. We have only dived this once and have wanted to dive this but the weather hasn't been with us. Arriving at the site we noticed the Pro Dive boat heading south to Magic Point.

We nailed the wreck first time with the anchor in the sand 5 m from the wreck. I lifted it into some wreckage and started the dive. This wreck is covered in juvenile nannygai, I mean millions. Its a real nice wreck to dive on and in only 45m max we get 18mins on the bottom with 30% Nitrox. Just pushing 1.7 ppo2

Second dive we visited Magic point again. Again Pro Dive was anchored here and they said only 2 sharks. We counted 4, and noticed one of them had a hook and line hanging out of its mouth.

Annie M Miller

Magic Point