Two milestones today, the wreck of the SS Kelloe and a 50m Dive.

Weather fine, new GPS marks so off to the Kelloe. It was very obvious on the depth sounder when the reading came up from 49m to 45m very quickly. Our first anchoring left us 50m from the wreck so we lifted it about 10m off the bottom and motored over a little and dropped the anchor. GPS showed us 20m, so we set the deco and crossover and headed down. It took us 3 mins to get to the bottom and the anchor was sitting in the reef. Looking over to the right I could see the shadow of the boiler. Rudy hooked a reel to the anchor and we swam over to the wreck.

Its very broken up but it still lies in the shape of a wreck. With only 10mins to explore we found the boiler and the anchor, got some nice photos.

Our second dive took us to the wreckage of the Hilda off Cape Bailey. Le Scat was anchored over the wreck so we waited for them to clear and we dropped anchor and jumped in. A short swim and we found the engine and prop. A nice dive but not to much wreckage around.