With Rudy on his way to South West Rocks and Fish Rock Cave, I took Robert out to Barren's Hut. With vis around 25m and low tide, it was amazing. There are a lot of cuttle fish around at the moment.

The anchor dropped into the split so we headed south to the cave and the chimney, lots of fish life around including the friendly Blue Gropers. One actually tried to eat my wide angle lens, probably saw its reflection. Also found a nudie that I haven't seen before, another look through 1001 nudies I think.

After a 1:44min Surface interval we headed to 6 Fathom Reef, I headed to the eastern side of the reef, it turned out to be much better than the normal south western end we have dived before. Again lots of cuttle fish, one was getting very friendly with my strobe, and followed us around for a while. Lots and lots of fish life around here.

Barren's Hut

6 Fathom Reef