Today Rudy hits his 299th & 300th dive so we wanted to go somewhere special. We had a late start and we thought about Long Bay but launching at low tide is near on impossible, so we decided Foreshore Road boat ramp. We headed to Cape banks (Rudy lost a weight pocket here a few months back, we didn't find it).

Cape Banks Caverns is a great spot, as we hit the bottom there was a Angelshark sitting on a rock. Quite rare these. Normally found on sand flats. We also encountered a juvenile Port Jackson shark, very rare for this time of year. Lots of nudy's and a cuttle fish that put on quite a show. There are lots of caverns here (yes hence the name) some large enough for 3-4 divers.

2nd dive and Rudy's 300th was Minmi Trench. We had tried a few time to dive here but never made for one reason or another, this time watching the current we dropped anchor (2nd attempt) 50m to the north and let out the rope and we were directly over the trench. We dropped the rear anchor and descended the front anchor. (This was to make sure the anchor was going to hold.)

We then backtracked the 50m to the trench. This again is a nice dive with a long wall that runs roughly east west. Lots of nudy's with one I have never seen before. A nice Long-Shouted Boarfish under a rock, these are hard to get photos of.

Another great couple of dives and a good one for Rudy's 300th (9 more for me to hit 300)

Cape Banks Caverns

Minmi Trench