The weather has been pretty crap for diving over the past few weeks and we knew that vis was going to be an issue today, but what the heck.

We headed out of Botany Bay destined for the wreck of the kelloe, dropped anchor made sure we were not drifting, set the deco station and crossover, geared up and dropped over the side. Viz was about 5 or so metres at the top and reducing fast the further we descended. At 30m it was pretty dark and at 40m was pitch black, I turned on the torch and looked back up the anchor rope and saw a dim glow of Rudy's torch 1m away, yes 1m away.

We knew we were on the bottom when we felt it, and id did look like the wreck. Vis was about 300mm, that's millimetres. A few minutes just lifting and dropping the anchor was enough, I thought of taking at least one photo but the camera couldn't focus. Rudy came right up to me and signalled up. So we did.

We raised anchor and decided to head into Long Bay for a cup of hot soup, it was pretty cold out. Water at 18.

2nd dive was Magic point, again the viz wasn't great but we thought this was a good option, there were 10 Grey Nurse sharks and one PJ, the water had a green tinge to it from all the storm water run off, but the sharks are still there.