With the seas up to 2m swell from the North, and 30kph wind also from the North, we thought it was going to ordinary diving, so we headed out of Botany Bay to take a look. Kurnell was breaking hard so we decided to stay on the North side of the Bay and anchored about 100m south of Henry Head in 22m.

This is a lovely site lots of unusual rocky outcrops some towering up to 5m high. We did mange to see one PJ and a couple of cuttle fish.

After lifting the front anchor and surfacing we found that the back anchor was locked in hard, so I went down to free it up. On the bottom was a few hundred juvenile PJ's approx 300-400mm in length. Definitely worth another dive.

2nd Dive we headed to Bare Island Deep wall, pretty uneventful but was my 100th for the year..... and 300hours of Bottom time.

Henry Head

Bare Island Deep Wall