Looking good for a mid week dive we headed to Bare Island, probably the most popular dive site in Sydney, and one of the best, and our first shore dive since April, (The walk up from Bare Island after 50 mins in the water is tough, now I know why I like boat diving so much)

We geared up around 5:30pm and walked down to the island. The seas were flat as. We walked over the rocks and headed to the most south western corner and jumped in. We finned south until we hit the deep wall and then headed west and north west.

This area of the island is great with a depth of 18m it is great for a shore dive. We found the anchor and a number of cuttle fish. I was a little disappointed with the fish life but the 14 temp most likely had something to do with it. As we rounded the western end of the reef and stated to head east we ran into a couple of divers taking photos of the dumbbell like structure we have seen here on many occasions, the top of the dumbbell has broken away and someone has added a face mask to it. Makes a nice pic.

Camera definitely set up ok now. "Slow Synchro" setting off.