With the weather still not very kind, we thought we would head to Port Kembla.

Once at the boat ramp we looked out to sea and saw the swell was coming in from the South West, and it looked like the 3m forecast, but the swells were 9 seconds apart.

After reading the Abyss newsletter, they planned a double dive on the Bomb wreck, I rang the harbour master and confirmed the only ship movements were after 13:00.

We were clear for a Bombo Wreck dive.

Using 36% Nitrox we had plenty of bottom time. We dropped anchor and nailed it first go. Its a little different than I remember, it it did look like the latest large seas may have moved it around a little opening up another penetration point.

The vis wasn't great but it is a nice wreck to visit. We will do it again soon.

It was pretty cold so we decided on just a single dive today, and we headed back to the boat ramp for some hot coffee.