Well what a day. The sea were 1m with no wind and 24 degrees. Beautiful day. We decided to dive on a wreck we haven't dived yet, the Undola. With weather like this we thought we would try.

Its a 20km run down to Garie Beach from Dolans bay, so we hit it early, leaving the boat ramp at 7:30am. It took around 40mins to get there and we dropped anchor and the boat was stable.

By 8:30am we were on the way down the anchor rope to see the shadow of the Undola about 5m from the anchor. The anchor had bitten into a small weed in the sand so I dragged it over and hooked it on the wrek.

We were only using air so we knew we were going to be penalised with this (we usually use 26% nitrox) with a 2 minute descent and 18mins on the wreck it took 38mins to surface. It was well worth it.

2nd dive we used 30% nitrox and dived the Gullies. This to is a great spot lots of cuttles and one being very friendly with Rudy's strobe. On our return to the anchor we saw a large Ray, one of the biggest we have seen.