Weather was looking fine and Rudy is back from his back injury, so we were to take it a little easy today. The seas were up a bit so we stayed pretty much within the sheltered areas.

First dive was Minmi Trench, lots of PJ's under a cave on the sand line, vis was pretty good. After lifting the anchors, we headed over to Bare Island for a cuppa. Lots of divers out today, last week it was so rough there were no divers at all.

Second dive, Bare Island Deep wall. We tried to find the pigmy pipe horses, but didn't. We did find the old anchor. (Note our GPS marks for this site are wrong.

There was also a marker buoy floating around that would be a navigation hazard so we removed it. The pole looked like it had already been hit a few times by a prop. It had some large cut marks in it.

Minmi Trench

Bare Island Deep Wall