Last week the weather let us down again with high seas and 30knot winds. Today we ventured out to Barrens Hut an old favourite of ours.

We hit the water and it was like a brick wall, the cold water is still here. Is was so cold it hurt. I have never seen this kind of cold water in Sydney not even in winter.

Viz was down to about 5m and there was a little current on the surface which disappeared on the bottom. As we landed we came across a smallish PJ, very unusual for this time of year but I guess the cold water makes them think its winter. We tried to find the other swim through we found a few weeks back but with 5m viz we couldn't. On the way back into Port Hacking we stopped at Pizza Reef where Le Scat and Michael McFadyen were, he had Rudy's weight pocket he lost on the Tuggerah a few weeks back.

We had our surface interval at Jibbon beach where Griffiti and Seatamer were moored.

2nd Dive we headed to Maccas reef, a site we know about and haven't dived. This place looked good, we used 36% nitrox on dive 1 and 26% on this dive but I still hit deco and had a 5 min stop. We did recover 2 anchors and about 5m of good chain.

Barrens Hut

Maccas Reef