Seas flat and wind slow we headed to Undola after an early 7:00am meet at Wally's Wharf.

We made good time down to Garie Beach and anchored around 8:10am, the anchor hit landed 3m north of the toilet and with a northerly current its was set.

The wreck is absolutely covered in Nannygai and its very hard to get a photo without them. Lots of Moray Eels around the wreck. Unfortunately my camera settings were not good, every thing came out blurry. Only a few worth showing. With a cool 14 on the bottom and using 30% Nitrox we got 24m Bottom time and 24m deco.

2nd Dive we headed over to Voodoo reef, then headed north about 300m closer to shore, we saw the reef drop off from 14m down to 18m so we anchored and had a look.

We will have to come back here it looks really nice.


Cape Bailey/Voodoo