Today is my 300th Dive. But for 299 the plan was the Tuggerah. We arrive at the GPS marks and another boat was anchored so we had to wait 15mins until they drifted off the wreck so we could drop anchor. We dropped the anchor and it seemed we were not moving so we decided to gear up, drop over the side and head down.

We could see the shadow of the wreck about 20m north of the anchor resting in the sand, so I picked up the anchor, with Rudy dragging the rope we hooked it into the rudder and headed for our dive.

Lots of fish life here and vis of 25m made a terrific dive. The photos show it. Using 26% Nitrox 2mins to descend and 15mins on the wreck, 8mins to ascend to the deco bar and we had a 18mins of Deco.

While sitting off Jibbon beach we decided that my 300th Dive would be Barren's Hut. with 36% Nitrox and a 2 1/4 hour surface interval this gave us plenty of bottom time.

Barren's hut is a fantastic dive, plenty of swim throughs and caves, lots of fish life and a few Nudie's a great 300th Dive.


Barren's Hut  Whooo Hoooo 300