Long Bay was the starting point today, this is the best boat ramp if you want to dive Magic point, Malabar Wreck, Tupia Point, Wedding Cake Island and a number of other sites. We chose Tupia Point, Malabar Wrecka nd Wedding Cake Island.

First up was Tupia Point, a mere 2min boat ride from the boat ramp. We anchored and hit the bottom using 30% Nitrox. We looked around for 40mins.. This is a nice dive but the fish life today was very sparse.

With 88 bar left we headed another 2 mins to the North Head of Long Bay and dived the Malabar Wreck, or should I say wreckage. Got some nice photos this time, all be it a small bubble of air was caught in the top of the wide angle lens. (Note. Must check this each time).

After this dive we saw Seatamer picking up divers from the boat ramp so we headed over to say hello, Damo was pretty busy and I drifted a little to close, I hit full reverse and Damo hit forward, while trying to keep away from the rocks and we collided. Unfortunate, but stuff like this happens. Damage was pretty minimal only my starboard light and a small piece of the windscreen.

We had a cup of soup in Long Bay and then headed over to Wedding Cake Island. Nice place this is, lots of little crevices and some very friendly cuttle fish.

Next week Rudy hits his 300th Dive, we have to make this a good one.

Tupia Point

Malabar Wreck

Wedding Cake