With a prediction of flat seas we hoped to get to the Undola again. But as we were motoring down the coast the seas were getting up to 1.5m so we decided to dive the Tuggerah. A few minutes trying to get the anchor right and we swam down the anchor rope to find nothing but Sand.

I think our GPS marks are on the southern tip of the wreck and it may have dragged along the sand while we were swimming down. We used a reel and looked for the wreck but the current was pretty strong and swept us south. We head back to the anchor, set the lift bag and ascended to the deco station for a 20m deco stop (we were using plain air)

2nd dive to Barren's Hut, we haven't been here for a while, and it never disappoints, the viz was a little off due to the floaties in the water but it was nice with lots of PJ's around.