After a complete washout last week we headed for the Tuggerah, Seatamer was anchored on it so we tied up to them and waited for them to start drifting.

We used the pick anchor with 2 x 3lb weights and a weight belt with 6 x 3lb weights and dropped in on the wreck. It did take 2 attempts but it was worth it. The surface current was howling, around 2-3 knots I reckon, dam fast, couldn't swim against it, so I had to use the side of the boat to get to the anchor line. At 25m the current all but disappeared.

This is the best wreck dive in Sydney. Some Cuttles and a couple pf Wobby's and the resident million Nannygai all over the wreck. We used 25% Nitrox, 2mins to get to the bottom, 17mins bottom time and 5mins to get to the deco bar, and 18mins deco.

The 2nd dive we headed for Barren's Hut, the vis was terrible and the surge was incredible, after 20mins and 2 photo's we surfaced and headed home.

Tuggerah Wreck

Barren's Hut