Another opportunity for a twilight dive took us again to Bare Island. Rudy dived Camp Cove earlier and checked out Gordon's Bay but it was washed out.

After some elegant entries on the slippery boat ramp and a bit of surge. We dived the west side all around to Sea Horse Rock, a lone PJ shark, very rare for 23C water temp, some bab cuttles and the Dwarf Lion Fish is still there.

New battery in the dive computer, saw it stop working after about 5 minutes into the dive. Must have pinched the O ring, just as well the battery compartment is sealed from the internals of the computer.

As it was Bare Island and max depth was about 15m I decided to dive computerless. Its like diving without eyes. I still had an SPG so I wasn't to worried.

Navigating around Bare Island without a depth gauge is not easy but I managed.......