A second visit to Fishrock Cave in 2 weeks is a great opportunity. So why not I say.

The plan was to visit fish Bommie for the first dive then into the cave on the 2nd. One of the Divers was on his 6th dive in total, what a great spot for this. I think he was doing his advanced deep adventure dive.

Lots and Lots and I mean lots of Grey Nurse sharks (GNS) here and some big ones at that, some great pics below.
While sitting on the bottom of the shallow entrance a lot of GNS were swimming over the top of me so a snapped of a good 30 shots just to get some good ones, and I did see below.
Upon exiting the cave and swimming up over a ridge I noticed that I was swimming a little lob sided, a quick look down and a feel around the left side..... mmm a weight pocket is missing, somewhere in the cave. Peter from Fishrock Dive recovered it for me in the afternoon, he is posting it to me.