As the seas were flat we thought a trip further north past where we normally go. We headed fro the wreck of the Annie M Miller. We had 3 GPS marks and we checked all 3 and couldn't see anything so we anchored over Tom Byron's marks and dived down to take a look. Nothing there.

We checked our third mark again, the one I thought was the most reliable, and we saw the wreck come up on the depth sounder. I marked the spot on the GPS as 33 51.996" S 151 17.908" E. so we dropped the anchor and nailed the wreck.

First dive was on 27% Nitrox with a 15m deco, so we knew we would have about 20m on the second dive.

The wreck is fairly broken up, but it does resemble a ship. Towards the stern I found a large purplish tube like "thing" it was soft like a Jelly fish and seemed to just float around. (Identified as a Tunicate Pyrosoma) Weird looking thing it was. The fish life here is not as good as the Undola or Tuggerah but nice just the same.

On our extended deco stop we were entertained by a Seal and a Whale buzzing us many times in the 25m we hung around.

Anyway another wreck to add to the portfolio......